Hostel In Bidholi

Homversity’s Boys Hostel is found in one among Dehradun’s most thriving areas and pleasant surroundings. Our hostels are located in the erstwhile estate of Bidholi.

  • 1) The hostel is located approximately 2 km from the University of Petroleum.
  • 2) Hygienic Food (Break Fast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • 3) Security 24*7
  • 4) Cleanliness
  • 5) Better Rooms with attached Bathrooms
  • 6) Wi-Fi
  • 7) Study Table and Chair
  • 8) LED TV
  • 9) RO Water Supply
  • 10) Personal Wardrobe and many more
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Paying Guest

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About Us


Homversity is a student devised platform on which any student across the country can find and book their ideal accommodation. A wide range of verified and affordable student homes ranging from Hostels, PGs and Flats are available to explore. Authentic pictures and genuine reviews can help the students make an informed decision. Homversity aims to create a better system in place to help students find their ideal living space and at the lowest prices guaranteed. Time, money and resources spent on searching for an accommodation by students and parents are often efforts made in vain. Do away with the hassle, Come Home to Homversity.

All the student homes have been verified after thorough audits conducted by our expert team to ensure that you get a productive and healthy environment to live in. Authentic photographs of rooms and hostel premises are included to give you an immersive experience and help you make an informed decision.

Along with these you get genuine reviews from past residents who provide feedback on the living experience and all facilities so you know what to expect. We also provide free and assisted pre-booking visits to students as well as their parents such that they have the exact information required to make their choice.

Once you've decided, you can also book your choice with us at the best price guarantee. Payment is online, secure and very convenient. Additionally, we offer 24×7 personalized assistance to resolve any queries or concerns you might have. And then all you have to do is make the shift. We believe that being in a new city, away from home is challenging for both an individual and their family and we want to make this transition in terms of searching and shifting to a new accommodation as smooth as possible.

The best gift we can give a parent is peace of mind. A safe and healthy atmosphere to nurture your child during their most formative years is our motivation and your peace of mind is our reward.

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A strict prohibition for smoking and any illegal substance abuse.

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Truth laid bare by verified senior residents.

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A 24*7 customer support to rectify any such issues faced by students.

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Accurate Photographs and elaborate details of every aspect.

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My parents were scared about sending me alone to Kota. The most important issue was regarding where to stay, the quality of food and safety issue. After we found Homversity, everything became clearer and they helped me find the safest hostel with the most delicious food


I had joined UPES late and had come pretty far from home, Kerela. I was in a great deal of confusion about where to stay as mostly all good hostel were filled. Homversity still managed to find the best hostel at that point in time. I guess I was lucky.


Homversity is The brand for students who are looking for hostels, PGs or flats. Their assistance is world class and discounts are much needed relief

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